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American Motors

1970 AMC AMX

The 1970 AMC (American Motors Corperation) AMX was the best version yet of this blend of muscle car and sports car. It was also, unfortunately, the last true AMX. One of the fastest, but most underrated of the Muscle Cars, the AMX received significant styling changes for the 1970 model year.

These changes included a different grille and hood, a new interior and different tail lights. The hood included a Ram-Air induction scoop that forced cool air into the engine compartment. On the sides of the car were simulated side exhaust pipes. Underneath the car was a new front suspension and two new engines were introduced. They were the new AMC 360 V-8 for its base power plant and a 390 ci as the upgrade option. Both engines had better-breathing exhaust ports, and new 4-barrel carburetors.

AMC hoped these changes make the car look more like its pony car competitors. That was a mistake and sale came in at about half the number they had made the previous year. It seems that AMC customers enjoyed being a little different and living outside the main stream.

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Top Row: Right to Left: 1970 AMC Rebel Machine, 1972 AMC Rebel Machine; Middel Row: 1970 360 Javelin, 1972 Javlin Bottom Row: 1968 AMX, 1970 AMX

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